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Tommander Terminal

Started in 2010 as an alternative for hyperterminal, the focus was to create an easy-to-use serial port terminal that would help with debugging embedded softwares.

Now this has grown out to be an awsome freeware tool to aid enigneers and technicians. Enjoy!

Unique features

Hot Commands

Tired of constantly typing the same commands ?
Solution: Assign a button to a command for lightning fast command sending.

Smart Tags

Want to make your commands smarter or more generic ? Insert some tags!
Tags can do things like exact timing between commands or ask the user for extra input.

Auto Command

Wish you could quickly run a repetitive test on your target ? 
Set the test command as the AutoCommand to enable repetitive sending.

Perfect For Embedded

Because small microcontrollers have limited resources, their terminal interface also has few features (such as not be able to correctly handle backspace or save command history)
No worries, The Tommander takes care of those.